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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ca Si Nhu Quynh : Tuyen Tap Nhung Ca Khuc Hay Nhat


***HD YOUTIBE LINK (old version) WITH PPS LINK (old & new version) : 

Ganh Lua -PD -Nhu Quynh & Nguyen Hung


***PPS LINK (new version)


Minh Tran () has sent you a file '905-NNS-Ganh Lúa-2013.pps' 
"I'd like to share my file with you on Box

-Minh Tran"
File name :
905-NNS-Ganh Lúa-2013.pps
Owner :
Minh Tran
To access this shared file, visit this link:


***HD YOUTUBE PLAYLIST "Ca Si Nhu Quynh" :



Moi qui than huu thuong thuc & chuyen tiep



Phung N. Tran has shared a video playlist with you on YouTube

PLAYLIST  by Phung N. Tran
Nhu Quynh, mot ca si co giong ca dac biet nhat trong gioi ca si tre, qua nhung HD YouTube tuyet dep.

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